My review on the Headspace app

black smartphone on long-sleeved shirt

Hello everyone,

The new year is almost here and 2018 is waving goodbye. I wish you, myself included, a joyful and peaceful year full of fun adventures. If you have a ” reduce stress” or “be calm” on your new year’s resolution list, then you need to read that post till the end. Let me jump straight into this; Headspace is a meditation mobile app that contains various meditations for every mood and circumstance with varying time lengths, making it feasible to meditate pretty much anytime you decide to. The app contains many free meditations and many others that need a subscription. The good thing about the app is that once you play a certain meditation, you can play it offline any other time. Moreover, the app has a “mindful moment” notification option that gives you mindful tips during the day. I have been using the app for many months and I am enjoying it. Give the app a try , if you are interested, and let me know what other meditation apps do you like.


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